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Mosaic Netscape a browser like none other

Accessing a website in what would be the “dark ages” of the internet was not too different than what we know today but access for a website was limited to the browser that could be used. During this time browser formats varied or the ability to read the code was different according to the browser. Many browsers and websites don’t have that problem today as the websites themselves usually have codes to make sure that any Web Design Malaysia users are able to access any site from any browser. This article will detail the early history of one of the first web browsers that became popular following the rise of the internet age. That website being the famous Mosaic 1.0 which would become the Mosaic Netscape 0.9. Many websites including the famous start of websites noted designs would have its start there.

Mosaic started as a program ran by a couple of university students, Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina who decided to make a program that resulted in a web browser that also gave users a graphical interface which also worked on multiple platforms which included Windows which at the time did not have their own proprietary web browser and thus got a lot of traction in the early nineties. When first released, Mosaic was created for the National Center for Supercomputing Application but the creators would later create the Mosaic Communications Corporation which they would later rename as Netscape and create the browser Mosaic Netscape which they would also replace with the Netscape Navigator. The following versions of Netscape would also lead the way to the internets phase and finally be replaced by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.